Dental Services Available at Timothy Elloway DDS

Here at Timothy Elloway DDS, our team works hard to be able to meet any and all of our patients’ dental needs. Dr. Elloway has consistently completed far more than the required amount of continuing education to ensure that he is on the forefront of dental treatment. He has attended many continuing education courses to be able to provide advanced dental procedures while at the same time being the best option for routine dental procedures. Here are some of the procedures we regularly provide to our patients in Paradise, CA and the surrounding areas.

Dental Services Paradise, CA

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ideal option for tooth replacement. A dental implant is anchored to the jawbone so that it functions the same way a natural tooth would. It is very strong and provides you with a nearly seamless transition between a natural tooth and a replacement tooth. You can still eat the foods that you love and brush and floss the way that you are accustomed to.

Dr. Elloway has obtained advanced training in order to provide different dental implant options to our patients. We provide regular dental implants, mini implants, implant supported dentures and more. If you are looking for tooth replacement, you can rest assured that we have the right option for you at Timothy Elloway DDS.


Dentures are often the most feasible option for people looking to have a number of teeth replaced. Getting complete dentures requires removing the remaining teeth and having dentures fitted to your gums. Unlike dental implants, dentures are not attached to your jaw so they do come with some limitations and typically take longer to get used to. These are a few of the reasons that dentures are inferior to dental implants, but as was stated earlier, they are often the most feasible option. Your dentist can help you weigh the pros and cons of each tooth replacement option. Dr. Elloway is great at helping patients make informed decisions that make the most sense for their situation. If you have been looking at having a tooth or several teeth replaced, request a consultation with Dr. Elloway today!

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap that is bonded to the natural tooth. The crown is formed from the natural structure of your tooth so that it fits in your mouth well and functions as close to how the natural tooth did as possible. For teeth needing large restorations, a crown is often the best option.

Root Canal

Root canals get a bad rap in dentistry. When you tell someone that you are going to need a root canal you can often see them grimace with the thought of having to go through that. In all actuality, if a root canal is done by someone who is experienced at providing root canals, they should not be any more painful than a routine filling. We know this is not always the case. Dr. Elloway is experienced in providing advanced dentistry so that the pain you experience when he does your root canal will typically be minimal.

Tooth Colored Fillings

We know that our patients want to smile with confidence. That is one of the main reasons that we always use tooth colored material when we are filling teeth. Many people who had dental procedures done in the past ended up with silver fillings which can distract from the beauty of a smile. We can replace these fillings if a patient desires and our patients are always happy that we can match the filling material with their tooth color.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a way to fill the space of a small number of missing teeth. A bridge does just what it sounds like it does. It bridges a gap between two adjacent teeth. A crown is put on each of the surrounding teeth to support the bridge which helps the bridge be stable and function as a permanent addition to your smile. While a bridge is a good option for tooth replacement, it is still less ideal that a dental implant. Since the bridge does not attach directly into the jawbone, patients may experience bone loss in the jaw where the root of the tooth was previously.