Emergency Dentist in Paradise, CA


When you have a dental emergency, we know that you don’t want to get out of pain. That is why we are committed to providing same day emergency dentistry in Paradise, CA. We work hard to get patients in as quickly as possible so that we can help relieve the pain that is typically associated with dental emergencies and get them on their way to recovery.

Emergency Dental Procedures Offered


Dr. Elloway has enough experience and advanced training that he can handle most dental emergencies. Whether the issue is a broken tooth, an infection or a toothache, we take pride in getting patients the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

We know that patients don’t want to be in pain longer than they have to. Even though we run a busy schedule here at Timothy Elloway DDS, we have always taken pride in going above and beyond for patients who have a dental emergency. This means that we will often come in early, stay late or work through lunch to squeeze dental emergencies in.

Things You Should Look for in an Emergency Dentist


Even if you are in pain, it is still important to make sure that the work you are getting done will be high quality. The last thing that you want is for your dental emergency to turn into additional problems down the road. Here are some things you think about when finding an emergency dental provider:

  1. Can this dental practice get me in quickly?
  2. Can this dental professional provide the services necessary?
  3. Does this provider accept my dental insurance?

If the dentist you are looking at going to in an emergency meets these criteria then get in and get out of pain as quickly as possible!

Why Dr. Timothy Elloway is a Great Option if you Have a Dental Emergency


Dr. Elloway has the experience necessary to take care of most dental emergencies that people have. Rest assured that if he does not have the ability to do the work necessary, he will always refer you to someone who does. We are extremely accommodating to emergency patients. If your situation is urgent, our office is a great option. Our office is also insurance friendly. We accept most dental insurances. This means that we are very easy to work with when a dental emergency arises. Contact us today at (530)413-7878 if you have a dental emergency!

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