Meet Dr. Timothy Elloway

Dr. Elloway comes from a healthcare oriented family. His father, several uncles and also several cousins are all family practitioners and dentists. Dr. Elloway chose dentistry because he has always enjoyed art and he understood at an early age that there is a great deal of artistry in dentistry. Crafting beautiful smiles is one of the things that Dr. Elloway has always enjoyed. When he gets the chance to perform procedures such as fabricating natural looking crowns and dentures, filling in gaps and fixing broken or chipped teeth, or replacing missing teeth with dental implants that look and feel like the natural tooth, he feels as though he is fulfilling one of his callings in life. Dr. Elloway’s education allows him to provide you with all of these services, as well as unparalleled general dental care. Patients in our practice have expressed an appreciation for the attention to detail and level of care that Dr. Elloway provides and we know that you will too.

As dentistry improves and adapts to advances in both technique and technology, you can trust that Dr. Elloway will always stay current with optimal dental care. To do this, Dr. Elloway always completes more than the required amount of continuing education required. He has completed training courses in general and advanced dentistry to ensure that your treatment at TImothy Elloway DDS will be second to none.

If there is something that is going to make your dental care more comfortable or if there is a better way of doing a dental procedure, you can be assured that Dr. Elloway will know about it first and implement it in our practice so that our patients get the best dental care available. As a patient at Timothy Elloway DDS you deserve nothing less.


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