To those who don’t live in the state, California appears to be some far-away land of permanent vacation. Contrary to this belief, California is so much more than Disneyland, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and San Diego. Take Paradise, for example. Located in the foothills of northern California – that’s right, it’s not just another beach town! – this incorporated town belongs to Butte County, located above the Sacramento Valley. With a population of about 27,000 people, this little-known town isn’t a huge tourist attraction – which is all the more reason you should visit. If you’re looking to explore a new place without all the crowds, lines, and overpriced souvenirs of a more typical vacation visit, Paradise has just the things you need to stay busy and entertained!

The Wine Room

Located in Paradise’s beautiful downtown area, the Wine Room restaurant and beer garden offers a large selection of craft beer and wines, rotating their twelve beer taps daily. Beer tasting is available, with a “by the glass choice” alternative for the wine drinkers. The Wine Room rotates their artisan wine selection regularly, keeping a few core favorites but always continuing the search for the best new bottle to feature. If you enjoy the glass with your dinner, you can buy a full bottle to take home. The Wine Room features a full mention of high-quality, classic, Italian-style yet versatile food. If you’re looking for some classy ambiance and a bit of spirited fun, the Wine Room is just the place for you.

Dutch Bros. Coffee

This coffee house will give you the wholesome environment of a little hole-in-the-wall café that you discovered by accident combined with the resources and friendly staff of a thriving chain company. Dutch Bros. Coffee is known for their specialty espresso and java drinks, and are well-known in the area as a popular competitor to the giants such as Starbucks. The welcoming staff of Dutch Bros. Coffee is also happy to whip up some custom drinks if you’re not satisfied with their already broad selection. Mocha, latte, smoothies, tea, chai, hot chocolate, you name it, Dutch Bros. Coffee serves it!

The Black Bear Diner

Another lesser-known yet grossly underrated chain restaurant, the Black Bear Diner is a popular choice for Paradise residents for its kid-friendly environment. Serving classic American foods like steak, chicken breast, salmon, sandwiches, and more, the Black Bear Diner is a Paradise staple and a local favorite, whether you’re bringing the whole family, going on a first date, or catching up with some friends. Just don’t forget the hot fudge sundaes for dessert!

Tuscan Ridge Golf Course

Now that you’re aware of a few of your options for dining and coffee, the Tuscan Ridge Golf Course is the perfect place for you to spend your day. With a wide variety of different membership packages to get you discounts if you’re a frequent visitor, Tuscan Ridge is truly so much more than a regular golf course. Its Golf Club gives you access to all of the practice facilities, expanded restaurants, and more.

Tuscan Ridge is proud to be the self-processed most unique and most scenic golf course in the Northern California area. Welcoming golfers of all skill sets, the course has 18 holes, which will allow players to enjoy not just the game but the beautiful oaks and lush wildlife. As you travel through the course, you’ll be able to see the outline of the Pacific Coast mountain range, the skyline of nearby city Chico, and the stunning Sutter Buttes. Aside from the classic course, there is an extensive all-grass driving range, a Pro Shop for you to purchase all the gear you could need, an on-site bistro restaurant, and a knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Tuscan Ridge is also the perfect location for a special event. You can reserve the breathtaking grounds for a wedding ceremony, reception, rehearsal, or any other formal gathering. Overlooking the valley floor, you’ll have the perfect background for any photo shoot, not to mention absolutely top-notch service, pricing, organization, and more.

At Tuscan Ridge, the staff is completely committed to community service. That’s why they host group tournaments and outings as a popular fundraising activity for your business, church, charity group, school, or other organization. They can be as competitive or casual as the group wants. Some tend to believe the less experienced the participants are, the more fun they will have! With skilled staff to guide you, your event is sure to be a success. Fundraisers are the most popular tournament option, but memorial tournaments are another common choice, especially for loved ones who were committed to the game. Traveling leagues also come through Tuscan Ridge on a sweep across the country. This golf course definitely has something for everybody.

Theatre on the Ridge

Just because Paradise isn’t a big bustling city like New York City or Boston doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a classy night on. The Theatre on the Ridge is the oldest California non-profit community theatre north of Sacramento. Founded in 1975 after the children’s program was founded by the Paradise Recreation and Parks District, the 101-seat facility now features six annual shows. The theatre was built up almost completely by a volunteer effort, and it remembers its roots, making it its personal mission to engage, entertain, and educate its community in the theatre arts. Your night out to the theatre will be as enjoyable and entertaining as it is intimate.

Terry Ashe Recreation Center & Business Center

Whether you’re trying to find something to entertain the kids or you’re just looking for a quiet outdoor area to walk around and relax, this community center is the perfect place to hang out when you have an hour or two to kill. Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed in the park area., but the programs in this community center are something truly special. Hosting group meetings and other events, this center features a picnic area with a scenic gazebo, and is open to the public Mondays through Fridays 9am to 5pm.

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