Many people would agree that one of the best parts about traveling is the souvenirs you get to take home. Many people would also agree that you can find some of the best unique and decorative items in consignment shops rather than high-end boutiques. If you personally agree with either or both of those statements, we have just the shop for you. As you come down Pearson Road right after the Skyway in Paradise, California, you’ll see the Ever After: Antiques and Vintage Chic shop from the outside. This is just minutes away from our dental practice. Don’t be fooled by the quaint little outside face: the inside of this antique shop is seemingly never-ending, with a wide variety of themed rooms all containing vintage-themed apparel, decorations, crafts, soaps, food, and more.

Ever After’s History in Paradise California

A relatively new business, Ever After: Antiques and Vintage Chic is a family-owned operation. Launched in only 2014 by parents Kim and Leo, their son Ben, and their daughter-in-law Lois, this antique shop is much more complex than any thrift, secondhand, or consignment store you can find elsewhere. The multiple facets of this company complement each other in a way that also allows them to cater to a much wider audience than just older folks or people with a tacky, old-fashioned taste. Ever After: Antiques and Vintage Chic has managed to set itself apart from the consignment competitors ever since its opening, and it has become so popular since then that we don’t predict them having to worry about competition much longer.

While this shop is packed next to three much larger antique malls and other consignment shops, Ever After: Antiques and Vintage Chic remains unique, featuring their wide variety of items in their storefront windows right in downtown Paradise. One of the collections is called Frolic, and it consists of women’s old-fashioned clothing. Another collection is aptly named 3 Seas, featuring old-timey nautical decorations to lend a breezy, beachy look to even the most landlocked home. Still another of the shop’s main attractions include Karita’s Handmade Soaps and Beauty Products, which are not available anywhere else!

Inventory and Expectations

Have you had enough of old clothing and locally-crafted artisan decorations? We understand, especially if you were dragged into the store by an over-eager friend or family member. Don’t worry, though. Ever After: Antiques and Vintage Chic also offers an extensive collection of postcards, stationary, and other small gift items, not to mention the teas, tea cakes, cookies, jams, and other delicious dishes that are made fresh every day right in the store’s own cottage kitchen. In fact, Ever After takes catering requests for special events including things like bridal or baby showers, tea parties, weddings, and other get-togethers. In addition, Ever After has a large collection of silver, dishes, and vintage linens available to rent for special events including tea parties, weddings, and more.

Perhaps even more popular than its inventory collection, Ever After: Antique and Vintage Chic offers hands-on “Vintage Repurposed Crafting Classes” on a regular basis. These classes are so popular that the shop sometimes has to postpone classes until they can catch up on all the requests. The crafting classes are taught right in the shop in a friendly, small group environment, right around our very own beautifully repurposed 12’ harvest table. All supplies (plus tea and snacks) are provided, and guests of all skill levels and experience are welcomed! If you love to create and explore your artsy side, these craft classes might be the perfect activity for you. If you’re an experienced artist or sculptor looking for inspiration, or if you’re just a regular person looking for something new and fun to try, Ever After welcomes you. There is also a Scrapbooking Boutique located inside, with gorgeous cardstock and decorations to choose from so you can document precious photos, stamps, postcards, and more in the desired vintage aesthetic but with your own creative flair.

Another main attraction of the store is the collection called Iron Orchid Design transfers. These ornate, vintage-style image transfers will lend a hand-painted look to to your furniture, walls, and other areas without glues or any adhesive tapes. They can even be distressed by hand once they are applied for a really worn-out look. You can use your imagination by cutting up one image and applying it to different places, or you can use the whole transfer. Indeed, the redesigned furniture and creative decorations will help your home feel more like home once you add this fun, personal touch.

Personal Collections

Ever After: Antique and Vintage Chic is proud to play host to, in addition to all of the above, a personalized collection of their hand-designed, rustic-style signs, which embrace the natural “flaws” of the wood and paint materials to give an aged look. Each of one of the signs is made by hand, with nails left in as much as possible, and any wood knots or bark scars are thought to add a fun, unique touch, so that even two signs with the same design painted on them will not look exactly alike. If you are looking for a customized sign, the staff at Ever After are happy to discuss your one-of-a-kind vision and make it a reality in under 1 week, where you can pick up the sign at the shop at your own convenience! That’s right: while the vintage aesthetic is obviously a priority, Ever After: Antiques and Vintage Chic offers the modern convenience of reserving or purchasing items online to be picked up in the store. There is a mailing list you can sign up for if you prefer to be notified of new shipments, rental details, events, special classes, and more.

Even though Ever After is located among a variety of other antique and consignment shops, their event rental services, craft classes, and unique artwork have set them apart ever since their founding. Featuring nearly everything from fashion, unique silver utensils, décor, jewelry, eclectic gifts, and metalwork, Ever After is simply a must-visit. Please feel free to drop in during regular business hours on Mondays through Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. The shop is also open on Sundays in the afternoon from 1pm to 4pm. Come on buy and check it out for yourself – you’ll be glad you did.

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